Andy Warlick

Andy Warlick, Director, Compensation Committee Chair - Current Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Parkdale, Inc.

Andy Warlick currently sits on Mativ’s Board of Directors as its Compensation Committee Chair and has served as a Director on the former SWM International Board of Directors since 2009. He is currently Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Parkdale Inc., a privately held textile and consumer products company that utilizes domestic and foreign manufacturing sites to produce and compete world-wide in primarily commodity product lines. 

He joined Parkdale Mills in 1984 and became President and Chief Executive Officer in 2001. Parkdale is the world’s largest independent producer of cotton and cotton-blend yarns and cotton consumer products for the health and beauty industry and owner of the U.S. Cotton brand. Andy is also part owner of the NBA basketball team, the Charlotte Hornets and currently serves on the boards of Parkdale Inc., Kent Manufacturing, Inman Mills and the North Carolina Textile Foundation. 

Andy is considered one of the most innovative leaders in the textile industry, particularly regarding sustainability and environmental responsibility, including Parkdale’s patent-pending process that allows polyester and other synthetic materials to biodegrade like natural materials, resulting in less oceanic pollution.

Andy graduated from The Citadel in 1979.