Christoph Stenzel

Christoph Stenzel, Group President, Filtration and Advanced Materials

Christoph Stenzel is Mativ’s Group President, Filtration and Advanced Materials. Previously, he served as Neenah Inc. Vice President for Global Filtration and General Manager for the Neenah Gessner GmbH.

Christoph spent almost than 20 years at Neenah, serving in multiple directorial and leadership roles. In 2003 he joined the Filtration Team as Sales Manager and developed markets around Asia and South America. Christoph was promoted in 2009 to a Director of Sales & Marketing and Director of the Strategic Business Units Filtration. In 2013, he became a Vice President and oversaw Filtration Gessner and was promoted in 2015 as a Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Global Filtration.

Christoph started his professional career at Henkel and Sihl before joining FiberMark-Gessner as an R&D manager for Masking Tape in 1998. He received a degree in Chemical engineering from the Fachhochschule Aachen.